Monday, April 2, 2007

~A Patra Creation~

My 9yr old daughter made this card for a friend with a card kit she got from my mom at Christmas. All my girls LOVE to craft!


Janet said...

what a pretty card, Patra. I see you inherited your Mom's creativity.

Janet ;)

Jana Weaver said...

Wow Patra! I'm VERY impressed! That is a beautiful card...definately taking after your mom!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is beaufiful card Patra, nicer than any card at the store too, really liked the new hair do's too, both you and Latisha are so beautiful. We could all start our own craft clubs, what do you think?
Love you Lots
Gramma and the Cows

Peggy Maier said...

Such a pretty card - I don't know any 9 year olds who could do as well! Keep up the good work!

Dawn Mercedes said...

Lovely card!

Heidi said...

This is so pretty! I think you have a natural on your hands! Love how she tied the ribbon around the pinwheel!