Monday, April 2, 2007

~Family Fun???~

Leveling our yard. Okay well not quite sure if the rest of my family would call it family fun but I was so impressed that our oldest daughter was happily helping. The younger two played in the mud most of the time. My middle daughter did help shovel for a bit {which is a lot cuz she is small}. We began this on Saturday, including picking up all our supplies and getting stuff delivered though out the day. Sunday had a bit of down time as it rained heavy all morning and most of Monday was gone to us waking to blankets of snow falling till about 2pm. We are hoping to complete this by the long weekend. So if the crafting is a little low this week you now know why. It is supposed to be sunny and warm today so hopefully I'll get lots done!


Dawn Mercedes said...

Reminds me of a song we used to sing growing up:

When we are helping we're happy,
and we sing as we go,
for we love to help ________,
For we all love her so!

Good idea to document the'll have lots of memories, I'm sure!

Heidi said...

Somebody needs to do that to our yard! Notice I said SOMEBODY, not me. {grin} Love your new banner and side columns! Looks awesome!