Sunday, April 8, 2007

~Modern Grid with a step up~

Okay so I think people are getting the impression that I am all about the bling...well as I do love bling it is the doodles that step this card up;) Check a couple of posts down to compare:) It adds that little something extra ;)
Here is a copy of my Tech page as promised :)
Modern Grid

Supplies needed:
Water color pencils or markers
Light colored cardstock
Fine-tipped sharpie
Black permanent ink
Ruler, stamps, pencil


*Stamp images randomly on cardstock.
*Using the pencil & ruler, mark lines at one inch intervals along both the horizontal and vertical edges.
*Draw lines from one side of the cardstock to the other side, up to the edges of the images, but not through the images.
*Complete all the lines on the cardstock until grid is complete.*Using markers or water color pencils to color images.
*Color squares in a random pattern~approximately one quarter of the squares. You may finish your project at this point…or continue.
*** Use the sharpie to add doodles randomly to highlight the images and the squares.
Finish card as desired.
~~~~~~I will try to get a picture of our gazebo and a faux chipboard sample and tip up by tomorrow.

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Jana Weaver said...

Stephanie, I LOVE this card! And I really like the addition of the doodling on here...some of it looks like paper piercing!! Beautiful!!