Sunday, February 11, 2007

{ The beauty of black and white }

I made this card for a black and white card challenge. Although this card may look simple it was actually hard not to use any colors (I won't tell how long I spent on it). I was inspired by the card posted in the challenge...showing how much beauty a black and white card can actually have. I used my Bella stamp for this one...isn't she pretty!


Allison said...

This is beautiful! I just ordered some bellas and folders last night! Now I am almost reluctant to enter the B & W contest...with entries like this, I have no hope! Cheers!

Jana Weaver said...

I love this one!! I was just surfing the Bella site and liked this stamp as well...may have to break down and buy a few!!



Cindy Keery said...

This is adorable!! I can't wait to stamp with you so we can stamp each other's bellas like crazy!