Monday, January 1, 2007

The best gift ever...

The best gift ever I believe is the gift of giving. So this year we have signed on to sponsor a 8 year old girl from Africa. Patra has already written her a long letter. I think it will not only be such a benifical thing to this little girl and her family but it will show our girls what giving is really all about.

It was also so sweet to watch our girls Christmas morning, I get so much enjoyment out of watching them open their gifts.

We all got spoiled...we always do. My hubby got the tool toys he wanted. I got my craft toys I wanted (well one is still on the wish list...cuttle bug) But I did get a super cool one that could do more than I can imagine (Cricut---dye cutting machine). We got clothes & other goodies too. The children were in total heaven between new outfits, electronics & toys!

We were also happy to have been able to have my mom come for 6 days to spend the holidays with us.

This has been a very special holiday!

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