Tuesday, July 10, 2007

~Birthday gifts~

I got these gifts from my hubby and children. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture for my new living room! I also like the scrapbooking cart & hand made paper pkg. Not shown is a clip on light for my lap top. I also got a neato wood buring/scrapbooking kit from my momma with a gift card and a gift card, sandals and top from my sweet MIL. Oh and a top from my Gramma (my MIL's mom). I still have gifts coming...gotta love stretching that birthday!!! I have lots of cards to share too:)
As for our oldest daughter...looks like she will be having surgery Aug 1st. She is happy and sad about it. She is dying to get back out there and play basketball so wants her knee fixed but doesn't look forward to the surgery/pain/recovery (not like I would either). Of course she will be well looked after.


Jana Weaver said...

Glad to see you are being showered in gifts, as you should be!! :-)

Hope you are enjoying your birthmonth, and keep stretching it out!

Lots of huggs!

PS Email me about your daughter's surgery...curious what they found.

Kevin & Amy said...

Happy belated birthday, Stephanie! Your gifts are lovely, esp. the picture to go with your new furniture. Thanks for sharing this:)