Friday, June 22, 2007

~New Look~

Ohhh My Gosh...I am soooo excited!!!

Are you checking out all the diff ways you can set this up...I am sooooo lovin' it!!!!

Okay first...yes, I haven't been blogging much...sorry & I promise I will make it up & you will be very happy;)

Sooooooo my exciting new living room!!! We got a very versatile sectional chair and ottoman, do you see you all the neat ways to do far we have a new look every day (lol). Our old sofa was in need of replacing and we really weren't getting far as me and my hubby have 2 diff tastes but we both REALLY like this :D
Some days I felt I would be 80 before seeing a new sofa then voila :)
I will show something crafty soon promise;)
Ohhhhh, I also have to give a little credit to my sweet friend who said mirco fiber was awesome...I REALLY wanted leather and he REALLY didn't and without Janet's expressing how much she liked micro fiber I may not have warmed up to the idea so much. Thanks Janet!!!! She also has another fab ribbon share going go check her out click here.


Janet said...

That is fab! Can't wait to see it in person,

Crazy & oh so busy,
but thinking about u,
Janet :)

Jana Weaver said...

Beautiful new set!! I really like it. Isn't it fun to get new things?!?


Michelle said...

Love the colour! It looks so comfy!

Quilt Nut said...

its gorgeous Stephanie and looks sooo comfy! fabulous color!

Heidi said...

Yay for you! I'm not going to admit that I'm jealous!

Nancy Grant said...

Stunning set. Reminds me of one of those shows like "Trading Places" or "While You Were Out".

stampinat6213 said...

Great BLOG! OMG! I would LOVE to have that custom-built ribbon holder in my craft room! WOOHOO! Nancy