Tuesday, June 5, 2007

~making my day~

For what ever reason I felt like I had a super long day. Then I went to the mail box & SURPRISE I got this RAK from my DIVA girlfriend Yvette. I was in love with this card when I saw it on her blog and how very sweet of her to send it to me before her travels. Click here to go visit her blog. So now that my day was lookin' up I happily thought about the yummy trout we were going to have for dinner & guess what...that was a treat from my friend Stefanie. How sweet hey. It cooked up soooo nice on our BBQ and the kids devoured it, yup none left (good thing I dished mine up first).
So a HUGE thank you to both of you!!!
I can't give you the link to Stef's blog as she doesn't have one yet (*hint*hint*).

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