Sunday, June 17, 2007

~Father's day~

Okay so I still have one card to add. Our oldest made the top card and let the youngest help her with the wrap paper. Our youngest is sooooo into glitter right's cute. The younger two used Marie's tutorial for the shirt folding (a few posts back). We went sofa shopping this weekend and should have a new one by Thurs...I'll take pics and share;) I WILL get into my stamp area soon so I'll have some artsy stuff to share soon. ohh and some super yummy blog candy coming too;)


Jana Weaver said...

Glad to see at leat the girls have been stamping!! Love the does Julia!! Her latest saying is : "The sun is as bright as a hundred glitter glues!"

Hope you get to stamp soon too!


Peggy Maier said...

Some good looking projects there! It will be interesting what they're creating a few years from now!

chelemom said...

It is great that the kids get involved too~ My son is ten and still likes to make cards and scrap!