Saturday, May 19, 2007

~Whoohoo ribbon~

I am still in the re-organizing process but stopped to post this. My darling hubby made me a double ribbon holder. I still have some ribbon to add from the swap Janet did. Plus some fiber type spools. This is a mix from the dollar store, swaps, Costco, Michaels, Stampin' Up! and gifts. The big I need anymore ribbon??? The answer is YES of course. By the time I am done I will still have about 2 empty rods (hehehe that would be lonely *wink *wink*). My goal is to tidy my stamp area a bit tonight....I have a 8" space to create in, everything seems to be out and not put where it belongs. Have a super night!


Yvette said...

OMG!!!! LOVE this!!!! Sigh... Wish my room looked like that! You can actually see pieces of my desk at the moment - which is a start... Oh and my theory is you can NEVER have too much ribbon :o)

Quilt Nut said...

that is fantastic Stephanie!

mimihas5 said...

Wow! I love your ribbon holder and wish that I had more space on my walls to have one of these. :( You have a very thoughtful husband. Thanks for sharing. :)


Jana Weaver said...

Wow!! I'm so jealous...that is gorgeous!

Love all your projects here...just got back this evening and trying to catch up on everything!! And I hear you convinced mamaSusibella to get a cuttlebug...good job! :-)


Mrs Adept said...

Wow~!! I am jealous too~!! Oh and you can never have too much ribbon. Go for it. :)

GinaP said...

WOW, how cool! I wish I had a hubby that actually did stuff like this for me! My space might actually get clean! lol Congrats, sweetie!