Friday, April 6, 2007

~More Dirt???~

Today we had our sod delivered and we were just finishing leveling it all...whoohoo right? WRONG...we soon discovered we needed more top soil...not just a bit 6 more yards!!! Yikes do you know how tired of shoveling & hauling we were by this far we had already done 7 yards of top soil, 3 yards of gravel and 6,000 lbs of Allan to haul more dirt was not a delightful thing to hear(I wanted to sneak in and stamp instead). We were however lucky to even find a place open to deliver us more soil and our oldest daughter was an amazing help doing it all. The younger two had a blast playing in the dirt. We put a very full day in today as we started bright and early and finished at 9pm with a break for dinner. The lawn was basically finished by 6pm then in the evening we put up a gazebo. I did no way shape or form craft at all but I am planning a neato modern project for tomorrow to share with you all;)

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Quilt Nut said...

it looks great Stephanie. we did that a few years ago and it is allot of hard work!

Dawn Mercedes said...

One summer, my dad leveled our front yard. I have the halarious story I could tell you about what happened when my parents and one sister when to pick up a French exchange student one night. Let's just say me, my other 3 siblings and one of their friends got in a huge MUD fight. There was mud every where. What started off as an arguement, grew into just fun-loving messiness. Then I realized that my parents and this visitor would be coming home soon. I threw all of the clothes into the washing maching, regardless of color, sprayed down the house/garage/sidewalk, had all my sibs take a bath/shower (luckily we had 3 showers)...

My parents didn't know for years and years and years. It wasn't until we were older, and told her what happened...and she didn't believe us. haha. The sister who went with them to the airport did ask "did it rain here?" B/c everything was soaking wet on our property. But luckily, my parents were too absorbed with the new exchange student to notice. haha.

Just keep the kids and the hose away from that dirt pile!

haha...I guess I did tell the story!

Anonymous said...

Looks like one heck of a lot of work, love the dirt princess she is just so cute and I am sure she thinks she helped lots. I thought I had lots of yardwork, hate to say this but I am soo glad that was not me. Looks great though.
Love Ya Bunches

PS. got a giggle from the other dirt story, too funny