Monday, April 23, 2007

~I have been tagged~

This is a photo of our youngest feeding my girlfriend's horse.

Well seems a few people have tagged me in the past few days I guess there is no running...So 7 things about me....

**Wonder Woman was my idol (I even had the costume when I was a kid, I still have a fridge magnet of her )
**I despise cigarette smoke and don't like being in the company while people are smoking (sorry to offend anyone, my mom smokes and some of my friends but it is something I just can't stand being around)
**I never dreamed I could be so happy (I really can't complain (okay yes there are always little things that would be nice to have or change) but looking at the big picture, we have 3 fairly healthy children and I have a such a phenomenal relationship with my husband that just makes me feel so fortunate).
**I love horses...they are so-oo-oo beautiful
**I love doing little things to "make" someone's day (It just makes me feel so good knowing I added a smile to someone's day)
**I used to overhaul and repair aircraft engines (yes you could have flown on something I have fixed, lol... yes it is still okay to fly;)
**I love African art...(I have a ton of it & always want more)

As for who I would tag...I really have so many favs and most of them have been tagged already. But what I would really like is for everyone that comments to tell me one thing about you. I would really enjoy getting to know you all a bit better. Thanks!


Rose Ann said...

This is an adorable picture!! (I was tagged by Heidi as well.)

Quilt Nut said...

really? airplane engines? too cool!

Susi said...

You are too sweet - being happy and loving to do things for others - are both two things I could have guessed. But. . . an aircraft mechanic . . . that's a surprise!!!. . . and I would have every confidence in you. After bringing three children into the world, I was a road construction foreman and both helped prepare me to teach 5th grade.