Friday, March 30, 2007

~My Cutie pie~

Okay I just had to share. This is my cutie pie, she NEVER lets me do her hair and a while back I saw these rollers which reminded me of when I was little (ohhh ya, my mom not only put these rollers in my hair but I slept in them all night to have curls in the morning) and I just had to buy them. So she discovered this package the other day and said she wanted them in so she could have curly hair (awwww). Typically if she comes to me asking for a pony tail it is out within moments of putting it in! Not only did she ask for them in but she let her sister do it! When she asked me I was busy making lunch so told her she would have to wait, she was so eagar to have theses in she brought them to her 9yr old sister to put them in and kept them in for 4hrs! Unfortunately her hair was still wet so no curly after picture...maybe another day!


Kevin & Amy said...

So cute! I used to wear those to bed too:) Very nostalgic!

~Amy H.

Ila said...

So Cute. It reminds me of when my girls were little. Thanks for the memory!!