Friday, January 26, 2007

Photo fun!!!

Okay I am not too sure if photo fun was the right word...maybe photo frustration fits better. Anyway, I have this awsome photo program and my aunt has been showing me all these neat...really awsome digital scrapbooking she does with hers. So finally tonight I decided to play. Well I wanted to play with one picture so I could see all the different things you could do with it...4 hrs later here I am! Actually I created the photo layers specifically to put on my blog & the frustration set in when I couldn't save it layered together!!! So that probly consumed a minimum of 30 mins out of the 4 hrs. I of course only save my fav options and may now be inspired to alter my photos more often. In the end I had fun and am happy I figured out how to save it so I can share it!

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